Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Mother & Daughter Collaboration

Hi everyone! I'd like you to meet my daughter Mia! She is my protege and helper for our newest collection of handmade jewelry. She had been watching me build my boutique on Storenvy, and Ebay for quite some time and has been bugging to have her own store. I think she's going to be my future blogger and social media gal for sure! I love my children's enthusiasm and interest in my business! We have decided to work on a few cute pieces of our own that we created together. The colors and inspiration come from my favorite beach location Key West, FL!

We began our little project  to help donate to a program Mia is involved in called C.O.S.M.I.C which is housed at the YWCA. They provide an  after school and a summer program for free for the children in our area. They offer a tremendous program and continued learning with a focus on Math, Reading and Science, skills that I feel young girls should really continue to excel in. C.O.S.M.I.C. continues to offer these great programs through grants, funding and donations. We will be donating a portion of our proceeds earned from this collection to them as a Thank you for all that they do!

We're so excited about our first collection!! Be sure to keep an eye out for when we list these new pieces in our boutique on Storenvy!

Friday, June 6, 2014

My Review: #TLCVox Box from Influenster!

Products samples were received complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

It's been a crazy week here with school ending, and lots of special end of the school year activities for my first grader. I'm finally getting a moment to sit down and tell you about the goodies I received in my TLC Vox Box! So let's check out what's inside!

1. Shell Fuel Rewards Card

The Shell Fuel Rewards card has the benefit of saving you money at the pump! Which who doesn't love that right, especially with the price of gas these days??! It's pretty easy to activate your card. You just pop on to Fuel Rewards Network and set your card up.From there you will see links for ways to save. For example you earn 15 cents/gal when you buy specially marked products at the convenience store at participating Shell Stations plus 10 cents/gal for every $50.00 spent at participating restaurants and earn 50 cents/gal for every $50.00 spent shopping through the "Online Mall" with a participating merchant. The downside to this card is that there isn't a Shell station right in town where I live, so if I earn points I'll have to redeem them on my way to another town, but I might just use them for earning points in the Online Mall!

2. Neopsporin Neo To Go! Retails for $4.97-$7.50

I was instantly excited about this little product! It's perfect purse size and it's just in time for all the outside boo boos that my kids get in the summer. It went to use the very first night as my daughter is always getting  scratches while riding her bike. It's a bit different than the traditional neoporin, all you do is clean the area, and spray it right on the scratch. No need to touch it and there is no greasy residue like traditional Neosprorin cream. My daughter claims it "stings" a little, but she always complains about boo boo care.

3. Puffs To Go Plus Lotion Retails for 0.49 cents per single pack

Puffs to go packs have been around literally forever! They are awesome to pop in your purse, childs backpack, or toss one in your glove box. Every Mom at some point will have that moment when you look at your child  and their nose is running and you panic because you don't have a tissue handy. As it's allergy season here, these are great for all those sneezy moments.

4. Ivory Bar Soap Retails for 3.99 for a 10 pack

Ivory soap has been around for ages and it totally brings back memories of childhood and my Grandparents having a bar of it on their sink. Did you know that it's 99.4% pure clean and simple and contains no dyes or heavy perfumes? That says alot since so many of our products today contain harmful chemicals. I checked out Pinterest to see what you can do with Ivory Soap, there are lots of fun experiments you can try like making laundry soap, and snow clouds for the kids. I will be using mine to make a "liquid hand soap".

5. Avon Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother Retails for $30.00

I am beyond tickled to try out a new wrinkle cream. Each birthday since I turned 30 years old I try to treat myself to a new eye cream. As a fair redhead I have been lucky to ward off crows feet, and lines but it's time to get serious. This is a translucent balm that you gently pat on your lines around your eyes and forehead. It is a cream to powder formula that helps blur the look of lines. It claims that results will be seen "immediately", I beg to differ there, but I did honestly notice that my under eye circles were much less the next morning. It's definitely worth trying.

Breyers Gelato Indulgences Retails for $4.49-5.99

This coupon for a Free Breyers Gelato came at just the worst time! I've been trying to watch my carb intake and this looks sinful! Frozen treats for me are such a treat in the summer, and this Triple Chocolate Gelato did not disappoint! So yummy and creamy, I can not wait to try their other flavors.

There you have it, it's been super fun trying out this TLC VoxBox! I'd say my favorite product would be the the Gelato for sure! Which products interest you? Let me know if any of you have tried any of these goodies out.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sponsored Post: #TLCVoxBox Unboxing From Influenster!

So I have to tell you about Influenster! If you haven't heard of them they offer product samples for free to bloggers and the like to test in exchange for our honest opinion and review! I joined them in January of this year, and have been working on my "Expert Badge's". Mine for example that I signed up for is "Fashionista, "Beauty Queen", and "Tastebud". Each category that you complete gives you a "score" and a chance to be chosen for a VoxBox. If you want to check them out here is the link to sign up at Influenster!

I was selected on Mother's Day to receive the #TLCVox Box, filled with goodies just for Mom's! Here's my un-boxing and a sneak peek at the goodies I received! I'll be playing with my samples this week and I'll let you know my thoughts in a few days!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. I'll be testing these products out on myself or my family members and all opinions are 100% mine.