Thursday, October 9, 2014

My First Eye Look Pictorial and a GIVEAWAY!! (OPEN)

 Today, I'm officially going out of my comfort zone. For those of you who don't know, I'm a shy gal, but I do love make up (i.e. my growing collection of eye shadow palettes) and I had to share this beautiful look I created today.
 My obsession for makeup started at a young age, much to my Mother's dismay and I followed that love as an adult by going to Cosmetology School. So it's only natural that I've got a love for everything beauty related. My inspiration came from wanting to create wearable looks for a gal in my age group (I'm nearing 40 people)! This need came from not wanting to only wear mascara as I aged.

My search for an up to date make up artist stopped  at You Tube makeup guru Tatiana Ward. She's so detailed in teaching and down to earth. I just love her tutorials! She also teaches make up classes around the country and has done the makeup of many stars including Nicki Minaj. You must check out her channel on You Tube if you want to be inspired Beatfacehoney/Tatiana Ward.

Now that we know who my inspiration is, let's get on to the tutorial!!

Bronze Nude Cut Crease Pictorial:

I began the look by lightly moisturizing my face, and applying Rimmel Stay Matte foundation in Ivory with a flat foundation brush.

 Eye lid is primed with Elf Eye Primer in Sheer.

 Next I used a flat shadow brush with light tan over the lid and  and continued by using the flat side to create a line for the crease.

 For the crease area I used a dark bronze mixed with black. I extended the crease area up with a tad more of the bronze color using a fluffy crease brush, my motto, blend, blend and blend! 

A tiny dab of bronze was used to line the outside 3rd of my eye on the top and bottom.

For the under eye liner I used gold from the tear duct and blended with the bronze on the corner. 

Finishing touches were a dab of white in the inner corner and brow bone. In the water line I used NYX Wonder Pencil in Light to really brighten my eyes and make them pop. 

A simple coat of NYC Sky Rise mascara was used to coat the lashes. 

The shadows can also be used with a damp brush to intensify the colors as well,
though in this tutorial I used them dry.

The camera does not do this look justice by far!!

It really is an easy look to do, I feel it's totally wearable for day since you don't have a liner or winged effect. If you want to transition this look for After Hours, you simply add a bit more of the bronze and more of the soft black to subtly darken the outer corners and you are good to go!

Now for the GIVEAWAY! It will run from October 9-October 24, 2014

One lucky winner will be chosen to win this lovely palette and a new dual ended brush by Crown Brush! Perfect compact size and great for travel!

Here are the steps to enter:
  1. Head over to my Facebook Page and Give Us a Like, you MUST be a follower on Facebook. Liking our blog and following on Instagram would be nice too, but is not required.
  2. Head to: Diva Darlings Gifts & Treasures
  3. Click the Giveaway Tab and follow the instructions.
  4. Giveaway is open to U.S. Residents, for shipping purposes. You must be 18 years old to enter,  if you are under age, I will request a parents email and confirmation with their permission first before shipping.
  5. For the consideration of others, and the hard work that I do put into my shop, blog etc. I request that you be a true follower and not a fake Facebook account set up strictly for winning Giveaways. Please be considerate to that request.
  6. Finally, these items were purchased by me, and are not sponsored by anyone other than myself.
Good luck!!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday Obsession: Ankle Booties

Monday Obsession: Ankle Booties

There's a undeniable chill in the air these days here in Southern Pennsylvania! All I can think about these days are boots. I've spied some of the coolest ankle booties out there and wanted to share with you my finds.

These booties in the above picture are just an amazing display handmade beauty! I love the bohemian vibe and the use of belts and fabrics to create a work of art. These were originally spotted on Pinterest, and after much searching they can be found at Wild and Free Jewelry. They custom make these booties to your taste and specifications.

I got to thinking about the boots I have, and whether I could DIY/refresh some of  mine, so I tracked down this awesome tutorial on how to do these booties yourself: 15 DIY Ideas to Refresh Your Boots. This page has 15 ideas to spice up some of the boots you've got in your closet. There's a tutorial on creating a gold glitter heel too. Looks so easy to do, you must check out that link and let me know if you decide to try any of these out!

Monday Obsession: Ankle Booties by divadarlingsgiftstreasures featuring high heel ankle boots

Thursday, October 2, 2014

September's Beauty Finds From Ipsy & More

Happy October! I just can't believe we are in October already! It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating Labor Day. In Septembe,r I collected up a few beauty goodies that I am pretty excited with and wanted to share them with you. So let's get started shall we?

At the end of August I signed up for Ipsy's subscription "Glam Bag". In case you haven't heard of Ipsy, they are taking the beauty world by storm! You Tube beauty star Michelle Phan began Ipsy's beauty subscription service back in 2012. How it works is you take a "beauty quiz" when you sign up to find out your basic style and cosmetic likes, and they compile a beauty bag for you each month for only $10.00. It is usually 5 products and an adorable cosmetic bag to put all your goodies in.
Since I am a pretty busy I felt like this would be perfect for me, I mean 10 bucks isn't too bad to get the latest in beauty products delivered to my door each month. In addition to your bag You Tube Beauty Stylists like Chrispy and desimakeup will show you looks you can try out yourself with products from your bag.

Here we have it, September's Glam Bag. The inspiration for this past month was Street Style.

In this months bag (which what is not to love about this little bag with studs) from left to right:

My personal fav from this bag Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in Basic Instinct. It is the prettiest peachy nude color, perfect for my fair skin and just in time for fall. The gloss goes on smooth and is not sticky or scented at all, which I loved! After the shiny gloss wears off a bit, you are still left with a nice cream tint to your lips. I call it evolutionary lip gloss for sure.

The Pacifica Eyeliner pencil is in the color Fringe. I was pleasantly surprised with this pencil. For one pencils don't usually appeal to me as they can be hard and pull on the skin. Not this one, it glides on smoothly and is easily blended for a nice smoky eye. Word has it you can purchase Pacifica at Target too!

Mitchell & Peach Luxury Hand Cream mini tube is perfect for tossing in your purse when you need a bit of moisturizer on the go. Though I have not heard of this company before, it boasts  that the cream is blended with Vitamin E and Shea butter as well as natural botanicals from the Mitchell Estate. It has a nice light lavender smell like an English garden.

A lovely dual ended makeup brush by Crown Brush which is awesome for traveling. I chose not to use this brush but offer it in an upcoming Giveaway I will be having soon. I have three sets of brushes, and I don't need one more. I figured there would be a gal out there who would love to win it!

NYX Hot Single Eye shadow in Velvet Velours is such a pretty color. It's like a light nude with a hint of bronze/gold shimmer. It goes on smoothly and it works best for me as a brow highlighter.

My other finds were some fun and cheap individual lashes from Select Lash. I have always wanted to try individuals lashes, they take a bit of practice to apply, but the look is so natural, it's amazing!

I popped over to my local Dollar Store last week to find some Halloween goodies, and there were these cute Cheetah print nail stickers from Essie. I adore Cheetah print everything, so I had to get them. So excited to try them out.

Those Kiss light as a feather lashes...hmmm well. They looked cute in the box, with their pretty tapered ends and clear strips to give you a natural look. But let me tell you they were a pain to put on! Not really sure if it's the lash glue that's making them come up on the ends, or they just aren't for me. I'll have to keep experimenting with those babies.

In love with my Wet N Wild Matte Lipstick in Just Peachy. It really reminds me of the Cailyn Lip gloss, don't you think?

I was lucky enough to pop into Ulta for their 21 Days of Beauty Sale, and I scored a Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara in Black. My friend had me try Bare Minerals last fall and I have been hooked since.

Well, there you have it! I couldn't be more tickled with this past month's beauty finds! I'll leave you with the link to sign up at Ipsy, when you sign up with Ipsy, there can be a waiting list. I shared their required posts about their products and got off the list right away. Once you sign up you receive 100 points, which when you save them you can earn other beauty promotions they offer too.  I receive points too when you sign up with me. If you decide to try them out, let me know what you think!

Ipsy sign up:

Best Fashionable Wishes!

Monday, September 8, 2014

My Monday Obsession: Novelty Shaped Purses

Happy Monday! I know it's been FOREVER since I have been here on the blog! This summer just flew by with camp for the kiddos, and family vacations. It was over and gone before I knew it!
So, I'm starting off fall with a new logo and look for my blog, and hopefully some fun for the future.

Here is my "Monday Obession": Novelty Shaped Purses!

A few months back I spotted some of the cutest novelty purses in Lucky Magazine. Since then it's been love at first sight with some of the designs I've spotted. Some of these purses are so cute I want them all, but unfortunately I only have two arms!!

Absolutely Adorable Perfume Bottle Shaped Purse?

Or How About My Favorite, A Darling Flamingo Bag??

What?? It's Just ONE MORE Polish!!??

Or How About A Chanel Milk Carton Purse??

These were just too cute not to share with you! All of these bags were spotted on except for the Lait de Coco Milk Carton Bag (Google Images)
 What do you think, would you carry one of these handbags?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Mother & Daughter Collaboration

Hi everyone! I'd like you to meet my daughter Mia! She is my protege and helper for our newest collection of handmade jewelry. She had been watching me build my boutique on Storenvy, and Ebay for quite some time and has been bugging to have her own store. I think she's going to be my future blogger and social media gal for sure! I love my children's enthusiasm and interest in my business! We have decided to work on a few cute pieces of our own that we created together. The colors and inspiration come from my favorite beach location Key West, FL!

We began our little project  to help donate to a program Mia is involved in called C.O.S.M.I.C which is housed at the YWCA. They provide an  after school and a summer program for free for the children in our area. They offer a tremendous program and continued learning with a focus on Math, Reading and Science, skills that I feel young girls should really continue to excel in. C.O.S.M.I.C. continues to offer these great programs through grants, funding and donations. We will be donating a portion of our proceeds earned from this collection to them as a Thank you for all that they do!

We're so excited about our first collection!! Be sure to keep an eye out for when we list these new pieces in our boutique on Storenvy!

Friday, June 6, 2014

My Review: #TLCVox Box from Influenster!

Products samples were received complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

It's been a crazy week here with school ending, and lots of special end of the school year activities for my first grader. I'm finally getting a moment to sit down and tell you about the goodies I received in my TLC Vox Box! So let's check out what's inside!

1. Shell Fuel Rewards Card

The Shell Fuel Rewards card has the benefit of saving you money at the pump! Which who doesn't love that right, especially with the price of gas these days??! It's pretty easy to activate your card. You just pop on to Fuel Rewards Network and set your card up.From there you will see links for ways to save. For example you earn 15 cents/gal when you buy specially marked products at the convenience store at participating Shell Stations plus 10 cents/gal for every $50.00 spent at participating restaurants and earn 50 cents/gal for every $50.00 spent shopping through the "Online Mall" with a participating merchant. The downside to this card is that there isn't a Shell station right in town where I live, so if I earn points I'll have to redeem them on my way to another town, but I might just use them for earning points in the Online Mall!

2. Neopsporin Neo To Go! Retails for $4.97-$7.50

I was instantly excited about this little product! It's perfect purse size and it's just in time for all the outside boo boos that my kids get in the summer. It went to use the very first night as my daughter is always getting  scratches while riding her bike. It's a bit different than the traditional neoporin, all you do is clean the area, and spray it right on the scratch. No need to touch it and there is no greasy residue like traditional Neosprorin cream. My daughter claims it "stings" a little, but she always complains about boo boo care.

3. Puffs To Go Plus Lotion Retails for 0.49 cents per single pack

Puffs to go packs have been around literally forever! They are awesome to pop in your purse, childs backpack, or toss one in your glove box. Every Mom at some point will have that moment when you look at your child  and their nose is running and you panic because you don't have a tissue handy. As it's allergy season here, these are great for all those sneezy moments.

4. Ivory Bar Soap Retails for 3.99 for a 10 pack

Ivory soap has been around for ages and it totally brings back memories of childhood and my Grandparents having a bar of it on their sink. Did you know that it's 99.4% pure clean and simple and contains no dyes or heavy perfumes? That says alot since so many of our products today contain harmful chemicals. I checked out Pinterest to see what you can do with Ivory Soap, there are lots of fun experiments you can try like making laundry soap, and snow clouds for the kids. I will be using mine to make a "liquid hand soap".

5. Avon Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother Retails for $30.00

I am beyond tickled to try out a new wrinkle cream. Each birthday since I turned 30 years old I try to treat myself to a new eye cream. As a fair redhead I have been lucky to ward off crows feet, and lines but it's time to get serious. This is a translucent balm that you gently pat on your lines around your eyes and forehead. It is a cream to powder formula that helps blur the look of lines. It claims that results will be seen "immediately", I beg to differ there, but I did honestly notice that my under eye circles were much less the next morning. It's definitely worth trying.

Breyers Gelato Indulgences Retails for $4.49-5.99

This coupon for a Free Breyers Gelato came at just the worst time! I've been trying to watch my carb intake and this looks sinful! Frozen treats for me are such a treat in the summer, and this Triple Chocolate Gelato did not disappoint! So yummy and creamy, I can not wait to try their other flavors.

There you have it, it's been super fun trying out this TLC VoxBox! I'd say my favorite product would be the the Gelato for sure! Which products interest you? Let me know if any of you have tried any of these goodies out.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sponsored Post: #TLCVoxBox Unboxing From Influenster!

So I have to tell you about Influenster! If you haven't heard of them they offer product samples for free to bloggers and the like to test in exchange for our honest opinion and review! I joined them in January of this year, and have been working on my "Expert Badge's". Mine for example that I signed up for is "Fashionista, "Beauty Queen", and "Tastebud". Each category that you complete gives you a "score" and a chance to be chosen for a VoxBox. If you want to check them out here is the link to sign up at Influenster!

I was selected on Mother's Day to receive the #TLCVox Box, filled with goodies just for Mom's! Here's my un-boxing and a sneak peek at the goodies I received! I'll be playing with my samples this week and I'll let you know my thoughts in a few days!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. I'll be testing these products out on myself or my family members and all opinions are 100% mine.