Monday, September 8, 2014

My Monday Obsession: Novelty Shaped Purses

Happy Monday! I know it's been FOREVER since I have been here on the blog! This summer just flew by with camp for the kiddos, and family vacations. It was over and gone before I knew it!
So, I'm starting off fall with a new logo and look for my blog, and hopefully some fun for the future.

Here is my "Monday Obession": Novelty Shaped Purses!

A few months back I spotted some of the cutest novelty purses in Lucky Magazine. Since then it's been love at first sight with some of the designs I've spotted. Some of these purses are so cute I want them all, but unfortunately I only have two arms!!

Absolutely Adorable Perfume Bottle Shaped Purse?

Or How About My Favorite, A Darling Flamingo Bag??

What?? It's Just ONE MORE Polish!!??

Or How About A Chanel Milk Carton Purse??

These were just too cute not to share with you! All of these bags were spotted on except for the Lait de Coco Milk Carton Bag (Google Images)
 What do you think, would you carry one of these handbags?

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